my|assistant – real estate virtual assistant

with my|assistant, it’s done!


“My Assistant provides great response time,
timeliness of project completion, and great
creative input. Before working with My Assistant
I was not able to get everything done while
providing quality work to clients. I now have
much more efficiency and tasks get done in a
more timely manner. I can now spend more time
listing & selling homes, which makes money.”

Stacy Grove, Cressy & Everett


“It is so great to have someone to rely on
with 100% confidence! The number one
quality that I have enjoyed is NO
hand-holding. You take the initiative and find
the answers.  You find the path to the
solution all on your own. It is such a relief!”

Michelle Everett Lacay, Cressy & Everett


“I did not have sufficient time to add the marketing activity I wanted and didn’t
know who to trust to do a good job at a reasonable cost. I am now able to get my
name out there much more! It will pay off in the future. I can’t put a $ value on the
service but It will pay off in intrinsic value. I think it’s huge!”

Lin Gray, Cressy & Everett


The layouts presented look great! Very professional.

Emeric Szalay, Managing Broker Collins & Co. Real Estate


Before using My Assistant I had a hard time finding the time to create, plan, and
execute marketing. It now seems like there is more time in my day! Excellent
product in a cost-effective and time-saving manner.Susan Chipman, At Home Realty Group, Inc.


“In 17 years of Real Estate I
have never been able to
accomplish so much. My
clients are blown away by my
constant communication, all
the advertising along with
weekly and monthly updates.
My Assistant not only does all
25 steps of my advertising for
each listing she also comes up
with many ideas I never even
thought of.  My Assistant will
take my company to a whole
new level of success.  I love
the fact that they are there for
me as much or as little as I

Gail Alexander
Michigan Lakes Team, Inc.







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